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Cutting to the Chase: My First Foray into Sharing Editing Insights

Updated: Apr 10

In this series of blog posts, I'm thrilled to share the knowledge and experiences from my time as a speaker at the BloomrSG MCN Accelerator program. Across five detailed articles, we'll explore the nuances of digital storytelling and video editing - from creative techniques to overcoming industry challenges. Whether you're an aspiring creator or a seasoned professional, these posts are designed to offer valuable insights into the art of digital storytelling and the intricacies of video editing.

Insights from a Video Editing Workshop: Editing for Engagement


A New Chapter in Digital Storytelling

A classroom setting with creators gathered for a video editing workshop, with text overlays asking critical content creation questions like 'How do we edit?', 'Where should we edit?', and 'Best editing tools?'. Special thanks are given to a video editor, referred to as @chinesemrpeanut, for leading the session with Bloomr.SG MCN Accelerator creators, who are engaged in discussion and learning.

Mid last year, I was honoured to be invited to the BloomrSG MCN Accelerator program to give a short sharing on video editing. This marked my initial venture into sharing and guiding emerging creators in the realms of digital storytelling and video editing.

Beyond the Basics: Sharing Insights and Techniques

My session focused on the art of storytelling through editing. I discussed the subtleties of narrative structuring, the power of visual and audio elements, and the significance of a creator's unique voice. We analysed and broke down real-world examples from various works ranging from short to long form content, illustrating how small editing choices can profoundly impact storytelling.

The Interplay of Teaching and Learning

A standout moment from the BloomrSG MCN Accelerator program was witnessing the creativity and enthusiasm of the creators during the practical session that followed my talk. They not only absorbed the knowledge I shared but also infused their own unique styles into their content creations. This experience was a revelation for me, highlighting the mutual learning that occurs in such settings. It was a vivid reminder of the reciprocal nature of teaching and learning in the creative process.

The Future of Storytelling: Anticipation and Inspiration

This sharing experience was more than just teaching; it was an inspiring journey that reaffirmed my commitment to the evolving field of digital storytelling. The program was a foundation, inspiring me to continue mentoring and shaping the next generation of storytellers.

Upcoming Insights: Deep Diving into Creative Sessions

In upcoming blog posts, I will share detailed insights from the session, focusing on narrative techniques, the interplay between technical skills and creative intuition, and the unique challenges in digital storytelling.


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