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The Current Edit: AI, AR, and the Short Content Wave

As the calendar page turns, it's time to share a few notes on the evolving narrative of video editing. The field continues to shift beneath keystrokes and mouse clicks. Here’s a brief overview of what's been emerging lately.

A.I.'s Quiet Support:

The realm of artificial intelligence in video editing has expanded subtly yet significantly. A.I. isn't here to take the reins but to make our journey smoother, to streamline our workflows, and to offer precision where it often eludes the human touch. These incremental advances are a quiet nod to a future where our creativity is unfettered by the mundane.

Augmented Reality's New Layer

Augmented reality is weaving its way into video editing, not with grand fanfare, but as an intricate layer enhancing our craft. It's an intriguing addition, providing editors with a unique toolset for creating experiences that are as immersive as they are innovative. The line between the real and the augmented continues to blur, enriching the canvas we work on.

The Endurance of Short-Form Video

In an era of brevity, short-form videos remain the favoured format. The emphasis isn't on the length but on the strength of the content to engage within those fleeting moments. It's less about capturing attention and more about resonating quickly and memorably. Creators are finding power in brevity, and audiences continue to respond.


The tools we use may evolve, but our core pursuit remains the same: to tell stories that resonate, to craft visuals that captivate, and to share experiences that connect. It’s important to carry this perspective forward, refining skills and embracing the tools that enhance our narratives.


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