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Hello World: Crafting Stories Beyond the Screen

Updated: Jan 9

Screenshot of a 'Hello World' program, marking the inaugural post on a filmmaker's blog about embarking on a digital storytelling journey.
From the first line of code to the final cut of a film, 'Hello World' marks the beginning of my journey into the world of digital storytelling.

In the vast expanse of the digital world, I, Mathias Choo, am setting a small but significant footprint. As a filmmaker, this blog is my understated platform to share insights and stories from behind the camera. It's a place where professional insights blend seamlessly with personal reflections.

Why start a blog? This blog is my understated corner on the internet – a place for reflection, sharing experiences in video editing, and occasionally, the odd, whimsical thought. It's about the unspoken moments in filmmaking, the thoughtful pauses in editing, and the gentle realisations that come with crafting narratives.

As a creator, my life is a tapestry of experiences, some loud, others not. In this blog, I aim to share those quieter moments – the behind-the-scenes whispers, and the subtle revelations that come with crafting stories for the screen.

As we embark on this journey,  I invite you to join me in delving into the introspective side of the creative industry. Whether you're drawn to in-depth filmmaking insights or thoughtful reflections, this blog is a haven for those who value the more contemplative aspects of creativity.


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